How Google Maps make vacation planning easier.

People will soon begin looking for destinations for their summer vacations as the summer approaches, which implies that Google Maps usage will skyrocket. Just in time for your vacation, Google has announced that it is bringing three new features to Google Maps for iOS and Android that will make the program more user-friendly and helpful.

The first is a location’s curated listings, which ought to aid in your better exploration of the area. The second feature that will help you manage a list and plan trips is the option to manually order locations in a list. The ability to provide an AI-generated synopsis of a location comes in third and should make it easier for you to explore a location quickly. Let’s examine these qualities in more detail.


Google says you will now see three lists—the top list, the trending list, and the gems list—when you search for a location on Google Maps and swipe up on the location card. Places that “the Maps community has consistently loved” are featured on the top list, “recently saw a spike in popularity on Maps” are featured on the trending list, and “that might be a neighborhood’s best-kept secret” are featured on the gems list.

Alongside it, lists created by the Google Maps community and lists from well-known websites like Lonely Planet, The New York Times, and OpenTable will be displayed on Google Maps. Each of these list’s ought to improve your understanding of the location and assist you in choosing what to see and eat. “This week, these lists will be visible in more than 40 cities throughout the United States and Canada,” according to Google.

AI-generated synopsis to learn a location rapidly With the help of Google Maps, you may learn a great deal about a location and gain in-depth knowledge about it by viewing reviews and images of the area. But reading through every review and picture could be a tiresome chore, particularly if you’re pressed for time and want to learn as much as possible about a location. Well, Google is using AI to make the work easier for you.

According to the business, Google Maps will now provide an AI-generated overview of user reviews when you swipe up on a location. In addition, it will utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to “show you helpful information based on the menu — like what it costs, if it’s popular, and even if it’s vegetarian or vegan — so you know if you want to make a reservation” while you scroll through photographs of food. There is currently no information available on the launch date of this feature.

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